Who nuked the fridge? Read All about Nuking the Fridge

Indiana Jones phrase is an instant hit!
It was on my iGoogle. And then everyone rushed towards Nuking the Fridge.
Newsweek has already chronicled the new phrase, describing it as a synonym for “movie-franchise meltdowns.” The Urban Dictionary website has already taken note of it and may include it in their database shortly!
What’s more, there are already websites nukedthefridge.com and nukingthefridge.com that hope to take advantage of the burst of notoriety; one website has even quotes that the “nuked the fridge” phrase is actually a term used by movie fans and critics alike to denote a point in which a film/TV program veers off into realm of ridicule and stupidity.

It was borne from the most recent Indiana Jones film, which featured Indy hiding in a lead-lined fridge that was subsequently blown to hell by a nuclear bomb - after which Indy emerged from said fridge unharmed. The term refers to the moment in a film series when fans know the magic of the franchise has been ruined.

Any couch potato worth their salt will know what the phrase ‘jumping the shark’ means. It refers to the moment in a television show when you realise that it’s just not the same show it used to be. Yes, you know the moment I mean. The term derives from an episode of "Happy Days" a 1980’s TV show where the Fonz jumps over a shark on a jet ski; a moment widely regarded as the point at which the show was forever changed for the worse.

Last week, the Motley Fool website used this phrase to speculate that the Berkshire Hathaway annual general meeting might have lost its mojo – much the way that Fonzie, the leather-jacketed Lothario on the “Happy Days” show, did when he water-skied over a shark.

Hence, to “nuke the fridge” means to introduce a wildly implausible element to a once-respected franchise, or more generally to signal the abandonment of past standards of quality.

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