Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (C2B2)

The story revolves around two kingdoms of Ants - red and black: Near the pond, on the west side of a dilapidated bungalow, lie two kingdoms of the red and the black ants, who are constantly at loggerheads. It erupts into a major showdown when Laal Budda (old ant) is accused of harassing Kalibou, a hand maiden of Kaali Rani. She complains to Kaali Rani, who insists that Kaala Raja behead Laal Budda! Angered by the audacity of the Kaala Raja, Laal Raja wages an attack on his kingdom. To make things worse, Lohit the Laal Prince falls in love with Krishna the Kaala Princess and elopes with her.

The supporters of the Kaala Raja are Mighty Girgit...and the Frog...But some have vested interests. The Laal Raja also has his supporters, including the magical Beyallis Karma. It's a war zone out there! Or is it? War or not, it's a fun-filled family entertainer for sure!

Some facts about the movie

*Author of the book Lal Kalo (C2B2) - late Girindra Sekhar Basu was the first Indian Para psychiatrist. Even today in Kolkata, there is a hospital built by him.
*Lal Kalo is the first full length animated feature film in Bengali.
*It is probably the second Indian non-mythological animated feature film.
*The animation for the first time in India is made in cell-animation (manual) using hand drawn pictures thereby ensuring international quality standards. There are more than 9,60,000 drawings used in the film.
*Bengali lyrics were written by Chandrani Gaanguli, wife of music director Jeet Gaanguli. Being an eminent Sociology PG, this was her first foray in lyrics writing. Her job was tough as she had to follow / translate eminent lyricist Nida Fazli.
*While recording Cham Cham, singer Shaan got so carried away that his headphone cable got snapped as he was dancing.
*Utd Rashid Khan sang a song in Megh raaga and while recording in Kolkata it started raining cats and dogs in December. Similarly, during the mixing of the song, the studio and Mumbai was flooded.
*Sabhyasachi Chakroborty was the only dubbing artiste common for both Bengali and Hindi.
*Both Asrani and Mahesh Manjrekar were flabbergasted when asked to dub before a blank screen (procedure for animation). In the end they did a fantastic job - the entire film was completed in one single take.

Voices: Anjan Srivastava, Aashish Vidyarthi, Asrani, Mahesh Manjrekar

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